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Hey! I'm Tiara Feaster

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About Me

My Background

I'm a Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer! Originally from Cambridge, MA now I reside in Orlando, FL. I've always had an interest in creating websites and making mobile applications. Ever since high school I always thought to myself "what if there was an app to make things easier?", so I decided to get into code so I can start making my own!

My background is primarily in retail sales management and I'm always looking for ways to streamline efficiency, so creating websites and mobile apps just seemed like the natural next step.

I'm a huge fan of traveling and learning about different cultures, so I'm excited that web and mobile development will allow me the abilty to travel and meet more developers from across the globe.

My goal with coding is to help make safer spaces online and offline for marginalized communities. Black and Brown people of the LGBTQ + community are falling behind and I plan on helping us get to where we belong. I can't wait for you to continue on this journey with me!


NuCamp Coding Certificate
Web Fundamentals Certificate
NuCamp Bootstrap Certificate
Bootstrap Certificate
NuCamp React Certificate
React Certificate
NuCamp React-Native Certificate
React Native Certificate
NuCamp Front End Completion Certificate
Front End Web and Mobile Development Certificate
NuCamp Back End Completion Certificate
Node JS Backend Certificate
NuCamp Full Stack Completion Certificate
FullStack Web and Mobile Development Certificate
SheCodes Beginner Certificate
Intro To Coding Certificate
SheCodes Plus Certificate
She Codes Plus Certificate
SheCodes Responsive Certificate
She Codes Responsive Certificate
SheCodes React Certificate
She Codes React Certificate

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Check out a few of my projects

picture of dictionary application
React Dictionary

This dictionary was built using React and a dictionary API

picture of react weather application
React Weather App

This weather app was built using React and weather API

picture of nucamp camping site
NuCamp Camp Site

This Campsite was built using bootstrap

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